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July 18, 2011

For Immediate Release Delivers 2011 CRM Buyers Guide

Boca Raton, FL (Business Wire) - Vantive Media, a digital media company that delivers business technology focused content through online channels, has released the 2011 CRM Buyers Guide exclusively on

This free research advisory is an independent and objective examination of the Top 10 CRM software systems delivered via the cloud or software as a service (SaaS) deployment. Expert analysis by Vantive Media analysts delivers a balanced review to business and IT leaders seeking practical and transparent CRM software evaluation.

"All of the top 10 CRM systems are impressive but each has different strengths and drawbacks. This report provides an independent basis for CRM buyers to align their most pressing objectives with the top CRM applications and advance to a qualified short list," said Chuck Schaeffer, CEO of Vantive Media. "Above all, CRM buyers seek out expert, objective and balanced content when making IT purchase decisions," added Schaeffer.

The analysis report examines the unique capabilities as well as deficiencies in the sales, marketing and service software modules and notes clear identification of both the strengths and weaknesses for each CRM system. The report also notes social CRM capabilities, advantages and disadvantages for each CRM software product.

"This report is clearly done by CRM experts," said Sanjay Rai Gupta of CRM Blog Guy. "It will also be well received by the market as the report is balanced, actionable and without bias. This is not another speak-no-vendor-weakness, please-everybody marketing report".

About is laser focused on the issues and matters that most influence success or failure with CRM strategies, processes and software solutions. The website is an authoritative information resource and online community for business and IT leaders and practitioners seeking to advance their organization and careers by advancing their customer relationship management strategy, performance and results.

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Vantive Media publishes technology content that helps business and IT buyers make better IT purchase decisions. Vantive's technology focus, global reach, original research, editorial content, syndicated coverage, web site portfolio, trusted brands and information delivery network make the company the best in the world at delivering education, research and analysis to business and IT leaders seeking quick, trusted and fact-based content to develop short lists of IT solutions for purchase consideration.

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