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April 30, 2012

For Immediate Release

The Best Practices of the Best Marketers Research Report Reveals Where Highest Performance Marketers Outperform Their Peers

Boca Raton, FL (Business Wire) -, an information rich portal and online community focused on CRM research, current events, software reviews and community engagement, has released the 2012 Best Practices of the Best Marketers Research Report. Vantive Media performed the research study to answer the question: What are the best performance B2B marketers doing to acquire, grow and retain more customers?

The report identifies the best marketers in lead acquisition and lead management and then identifies the strategy, process and technology factors they do uniquely well or better than their peers. This research report is unique in that it is not just a compilation of survey results, or the numerical breakdown of how a total survey population responded to a given question, but instead examines how practitioners with different levels of performance success responded and differed to each question.

For example, best in class marketers source a significantly higher volume of the sales pipeline leads than do their peer groups. Leaders generate 45 percent more of the sales pipeline leads from marketing programs than Medians and a whopping 133 percent more than Laggards.

"Learning from or replicating average performance scores can only produce average results," said Chuck Schaeffer, CEO of Vantive Media and Editor of "Better to learn from and replicate top performers in order to outperform peer groups and achieve exceptional performance results. This report breaks down performance results by different levels of performers."

The Best Practices of the Best Marketers Research Report is free and can be downloaded from

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