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Vantive @ Work

Vantive Media publishes and promotes independent business application software media and award winning content that helps business software buyers make better purchase decisions.

Business software evaluations and purchase decisions are complex and fraught with risk. Business application buyers seek the best independent analysis sources, useful research and advice to help make better decisions more quickly.

Vantive’s original content and primary research, delivered from an independent and expert source, satisfies business software buyers seeking objective content in the areas of:

  • Cloud Computing Business Applications
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software
  • Accounting Software Systems
  • Manufacturing and MRP Business Systems
  • Human Resource and Payroll Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Open Source Business Software Applications

Content Creation

Marketers recognize the need for remarkable content to support inbound marketing efforts, but struggle to produce enough quality content on a continuous basis. Vantive Media's editors and advocacy journalists can publish primary research and original content in various forms to assist technology marketers needing outstanding content for demand generation events, nurture campaigns, inbound marketing and thought leadership programs.

Strategic marketing has incurred a sea change shift and the need for B2B business software marketers to implement social media marketing, inbound marketing and content marketing programs have created a perfect storm for already under-resourced marketing staff. Vantive Media can be the partner to create and promote remarkable content, leaving marketers to focus on strategy and execution.

Vantive is exclusively focused on business software content production and promotion. Our laser focus permits us to deliver deep content backed by thoughtful analysis.


Best In Class Lead Generation

Vantive is the best in the world at educating website readers in business software applications and acquiring qualified technology leads for business software suppliers.

With its unmatched focus, Vantive Media achieves three customer advantages:

  1. Vantive Media brands are trusted online educational and independent analysis sources for business software buyers.

  2. Vantive Media's pure business application software concentration delivers market expertise, high quality journalistic content and an unmatched readership following.

  3. Vantive Media’s organic and highly relevant content based lead acquisition methods produce highly qualified leads for our customers (not just more PPC adwords responses).


Vantive Media is a laser focused media firm which authors and syndicates original research, unbiased evaluations, annual Buyers Guides, thoughtful analysis and balanced opinions in the area of business software applications, including CRM software, ERP software, accounting software, manufacturing software human resource systems and open source software. Vantive Media acquires and delivers highly qualified sales leads to business application software suppliers. Our online marketing and pay-per-lead programs remove risk, fill sales funnels and reduce lead acquisition costs by approximately forty percent for most customers.


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