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Vantive Media Fact Sheet

Vantive Media was founded in order to deliver business software media services to readers and suppliers. The company's principals are recognized executives and thought leaders in the business software markets we serve. Company information is provided below.

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Founded Founded: 11-11-2011
HQ Headquarters: Boca Raton, FL
Equity Equity Type: Private Company; no Venture Financing
Industry Industry: Busienss Software Media
Focus Company Focus: Business Software Applications
Technology Website Brands & Properties: Leased, partnered or paid placement on many websites
Reader Sat
Composite Reader Satisfaction: 4.1 (0 to 5 scale)
Certs Certifications: ISO 27001 Certification Pending



The Vantive Media Difference

Our success is directly tied to our ability to distinguish ourselves in four defining areas.

  1. Lead Sourcing Methods. Vantive Media leverages expert content, not PPC keywords, to attract qualified IT buyers. While most online marketing providers derive 80% to 100% of their leads from paid search and Pay Per Click (PPC) keywords, Vantive Media sources qualified business software buyers using industry research, expert analysis and quality content. The difference in lead sourcing speaks volumes to the perceived credibility of the lead provider and extends goodwill to Vantive Media clients as the lead recipients. When a buyer agrees to share his contact information in exchange for a sought after download, and then receives a deliverable that is little more than the generic text copied from vendor web sites, the buyer feels cheated and will associate his disappointment to the sales person that then follows up his registration. On the other hand, if the buyer receives content that is original, fact based, insightful and purposeful, the buyer advances his education and regards the source as credible. Vantive downloads and deliverables are the most balanced, insightful and credible buyer content in the industry.

  2. Buyer Credibility. Vantive Media judiciously exercises an “educate first, sell second” approach to acquiring buyer registration data. Instead of relying on paid search keyword placement and landing pages short on content and big on white paper download promises, we employ a soft sell approach which offers meaningful data to first educate the buyer and then provide additional collaterals for registration.

  3. Market Integrity. Vantive Media possesses deep experience in our chosen vertical markets and has been referred to as the “open source analysts” provider. Our journalists, analysts, brands and web site properties possess an unmatched combination of market depth, industry experience and insightful content in the business software markets we exclusively serve. The relationships we earn with buyer communities are transparent and trusted.

  4. Innovation. Vantive Media pioneered the industry media cluster model. One size does not fit all with buyers. Some buyers value highly technical content while other buyers prefer to avoid all technical jargon and focus solely on business terms and ROI measures. Vantive Media’s vertically focused media cluster model provides different but complimentary websites and mediums for different buyer types. Catering to each buyer type produces a more loyal following and more qualified sales leads for our partners.

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