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Market Coverage | Government & Public Sector Information Technology

Federal and local governments aggressively seek information technology solutions however must work within unique procurement cultures that demand accountability, oversight and transparency. Public sector information technology strategies, software applications, hardware solutions and best practices have become a powerful combination in helping not for profit, public sector and government agencies meet their organizational missions.

To stay informed, government technology leaders and buyers look to Vantive's government IT brands, government specific research, public sector content and federal bulletins to stay informed on the latest in government CRM systems, not for profit ERP applications, information security, compliance solutions, network management, storage management, government IT procurement trends and other technology innovation.

Vantive has recently expanded its New Technology media to include an increased public sector emphasis. In response to the mantra to do more with less, Government has become one of the most aggressive adopters of new technologies such as cloud computing, software as a service and social media solutions. New OMB and FIPS guidelines pave the way for the federal acquisition of SaaS business software systems and cloud computing shared infrastructure solutions. Even federal systems once considered unavailable for third party hosting have achieved NIST C&A security certifications and permit the government to share in the same SaaS value proposition as private enterprise.

Vantive has also injected government into its Web 2.0 media. The public sector is an early adopter and visible proponent of social media strategies and tools. Government is leveraging Web 2.0 in its many forms, including blogs, wikis, tagging, folksonomies, social networks, twitter, federal search tools and more in order to improve internal collaboration between agencies and external communications with constituents.

Government IT needs are unique. Only in government are information security certifications such as NIST C&A (Certification and Accreditation) and user access behaviors such as Section 508 (part of the American For Disabilities Act) more than just decision making criteria, they are information system mandates backed by law. Even industry accepted technology acronyms are different. For example, while the commercial sector refers to CRM as Customer Relationship Management, the public sector uses the CRM term to mean either constituent relationship management or citizen relationship management. When you also consider that public sector CRM includes industry specific CTI (computer telephony integration), closely integrated 3-1-1 systems and other criteria not evaluated by the private sector, you begin to understand the magnitude of difference in how the public sector evaluates and procures IT solutions.

Government & Public Sector Information Technology


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