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Vantive's pay per lead programs remove the risk of non-performing marketing campaigns by only charging for delivery of qualified sales leads.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Vantive’s outreach marketing programs provide cost effective methods to increase top of funnel sales prospect volumes. Outbound campaigns can be particularly useful when combined with news events such as new product releases, alliances, business expansions or go to market initiatives. Proven marketing campaigns and demand generation techniques which can be implemented quickly and with predictable results include the following.

  • White Papers. Vantive Media provides in-house experts and contracts with industry recognized thought leaders to develop white papers and eBooks of great interest and specific practicality to IT buyers. White Papers enjoy increased credibility, authoritative status and longer duration staying power as compared to most other lead generation alternatives. To be successful, White Papers must be developed by credible authors, possess strong journalistic quality, provide specific solutions to relevant business problems and deliver insight or advice that is received as meaningful by the reader. There is a clear evidence which demonstrates that White Papers and eBooks which provide a correlating link between relevant and pervasive business problems and the specific solutions which remedy those challenges achieve higher ROI.

  • Webinars. Because of their time savings, cost savings and increased flexibility for IT buyers, webinars have replaced much of the seminar and trade show industries. While webinars have become the go to information source for busy executives seeking live topical or product presentations, attendees continue to rate most webinars with low marks. Webinar attendees are looking for bite sized educational lessons backed with facts, historical evidence and third party credibility. When webinars stray into hype, unsubstantiated claims or overt sales calls the attendee loses interest and the webinar ROI suffers. However, when properly constructed to align the IT buyers' needs and expectations with the IT suppliers' solutions and credible endorsements, webinars provide far impressive ROI than the preceding or competing seminar and trade show events.

  • Podcasts. These verbal presentations and recordings provide information seekers with portable information that is often taken on the go (most notably on iPods). This type of demand generation technique is particularly effective when integrating the educational message with a sense of entertainment and when blending traditional technology topics such as CRM software, ERP software or accounting software with new technology topics such as social media, open source software, green IT or information convergence.

  • Print and Display Advertising. Our staff take great pride in transforming your messages into an engaging read. Despite the prediction of print advertising's demise, the medium continues to grow year over year. Advertising is an effective medium in establishing brand identity, promoting thought leader status and acquiring top of funnel sales prospects. Advertising ROI is almost always enhanced when advertising programs are integrated with other lead generation events.

  • Prospect & CRM Database Creation. For company start-ups or new business lines, Vantive can jump start the creation of Customer Relationship Management databases for prospecting, outreach programs, continued sales cycle maturation and leveraging CRM software to achieve customer management business strategies.

Vantive Media pay per lead programs deliver qualified sales prospects to high fit IT suppliers. Vantive leverages its demand generation platform of top web site brands, over 100 technology industry web sites, original market research, licensed third party research, suite of proprietary tools, buyer focused decision matrix models and an integrated network of social media destinations and community forums to collectively promote Vantive content, educate IT buyers and connect technology buyers with relevant technology suppliers.


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