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Vantive Media Market Coverage

Vantive Media offers market specific expertise and core competencies in select technology markets. By limiting our participation in select technology markets, we are able to deliver greater depth, expertise and thought leadership for our IT readers and customers.

Vantive Media market coverage includes the following technology industries:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, services and related solutions. CRM coverage includes market analysis, industry research, CRM software reviews and original research in the areas of CRM software selection, implementation and post-implementation utilization. Special project releases are also delivered in the focused areas of Sales Force Automation (SFA), Marketing Automation, Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and call center customer service solutions. The CRM Software Buyers Guide and CRM Software Compare releases are the most popular executive guides in the CRM system industry.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, services and related solutions. Vantive produces ERP media content within the business software segments of accounting software systems, distribution and supply chain management systems, manufacturing software systems, human resource (HR) and payroll systems. The annual ERP Software Buyers Guide and ERP Software Reviews attract a strong preregistration signup and following of both line of business and IT leaders.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing. SaaS represents the most significant technology revolution in the business software industry since the turn of the century. Cloud computing extends the SaaS movement and value proposition beyond business applications to include on-demand storage, processing, infrastructure and related scalable and elastic IT-enabled services. Vantive content in the SaaS and Cloud Computing industry is focused on forum participation, user generated content and thought leadership research.

  • Information Technology leadership, strategy and management. IT leaders face unique opportunities and challenges. Vantive Media authors practical content for IT leaders in the areas of IT leadership, strategy, management and the specific disciplines of information security, business continuity, data center management, Green IT and game changing new technologies.

  • Social Media & Web 2.0. Social media strategies and tools provide a powerful link between IT strategies, business software solutions and customer relationships. Vantive's social media content excels beyond Web 2.0 tools and suggests definitive methods to leverage the integration of information systems which streamline transactional processes to also harness new customer communication methods in order to better interact, collaborative and engage with customers.

  • Government Technology. Few private sector industries have had more pervasive or higher impact consequences than the public sectors adoption of information technology. E-Government offers the promise of leveraging technology to improve public sector performance as well as employing new advances for democracy itself. In its most strategic adaptation, government technology is applied as a tool for long-term governance transformation. Vantive provides original research and content as well as partners with some of the brightest minds and most visionary thinkers in the Government technology industry.

Vantive Media Technology Markets Coverage


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