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Market Coverage | New Technology Media

Innovation is the hallmark of the technology industry. Without new visions, new thinking and new solutions, technology companies fail to evolve. The technology media industry and well as business and technology leaders and consumers are keenly aware of the opportunities offered by new technology breakthroughs and benefits - and to that end look for new technology media coverage that exposes the balance between opportunity and risk.

Vantive's New Technology media is subscribed to by senior and influential IT management professionals, including CIO's, CTO's, IT Directors, Network Managers, Procurement Managers and Information Security Directors. Our New Technology media explores and evaluates disruptive technologies and leading edge technology solutions and acts as a strategy-focused complement to some of our related media areas such as open source software, cloud computing and software as a service solutions.

New technologies such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), VoIP, convergence, wireless, virtualization and mobile solutions have seriously altered the face of the IT landscape by making applications and business services more accessible, affordable and manageable. New technology adoption often grows at a accelerated pace and with this growth is the need for educational content, credible information, lessons learned and real world case studies by both peer groups and vendor organizations.

Vantive's New Technology media content for information security solutions continues to grow in popularity and readership. Because security threats never stop evolving, Vantive readers never stop seeking the knowledge, recommendations and solutions that enable them to protect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of their organizations information assets.

Vantive is also gaining increased readership in the area of Green IT. Some new technologies become growth categories due in large part to non-technological ideals or purpose. For instance, environmental considerations such as power management, virtualization, carbon emissions and corporate sustainability goals have fueled the Green IT movement and created an industry capable of pulling through both traditional IT solutions and new innovation which support the goals of this emerging market. Even for IT products and services which are not directly contributory toward Green IT solutions, buyers are inquiring and rewarding vendors which demonstrate Green IT conservation and similar social responsibilities.

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