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Online Communities Design, Development and Management

Online communities have become the go-to source for busienss software buyers seeking helpful advice as well as for suppliers seeking to crowd source solutions for business problems or next generation products. Sponsoring a customer community is an outstanding method to promote thought leadership, increase sales by engaging more prospects and grow profits by retaining more customers.

"To keep pace with the digital transformation, B2B marketers must shift from designing outbound campaigns to fostering community interactions."
Laura Ramos, Forrester Research

While implementing an online community software platform is relatively simple, the follow-on tasks of promoting, growing and retaining members are the downfall for most community projects. The abundance of failed communities, a glut of virtual ghost towns that liter the Internet, are clear testament that the challenge is more that it first appears.

Vantive Media can help. We're experts at designing, delivering and co-managing online communities with our clients.

  • Our creative experience in developing focused community websites allows us to design and deliver online communities which match industry and business themes as well as deliver an exceptional user experience.

  • Our editors and award winning journalists can create the volume of fresh and continuous content to attract members and keep them coming back.

  • Vantive development staff are well versed in creating community online tools that aid readers in accomplishing business software tasks. Some of our top rated tools include Application Readiness Assessments, ROI Calculators and Recommendation Engines.

  • Our time-tested community promotion programs leverage best practices and proven results, and include persona marketing, email marketing, nurture campaigns, social media monitoring and outreach, public relations and loyalty marketing to name only a few.

  • Community technologies permit us to be agile and quickly respond to community opportunities. Our core community technology suite includes marketing automation, social listening and sentiment analysis tools, enterprise feedback management systems, social CRM apps, search tools and analytics.

Vantive Media managed communities are also extremely affordable. We’re able to deliver focused and best-in-class online communities at less cost than in-house resources by aligning a group of complimentary busienss software suppliers in a way that benefits the readers’ goals while dividing costs among sponsoring participants.



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