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Vantive offers unrivaled experience and reach in delivering compelling and high impact messages to global audiences tailored to the specific requirements of business software applications, software as a service, cloud computing and technology based professional services.

Public Relations Partner For Technology Companies

Marketing and public relations share a symbiotic relationship that helps companies grow their revenue and increase market share. Aligning intelligent strategy, high impact messaging and branding into the fabric of both public relations and technology marketing programs delivers more cost effective and synergistic results.

When properly implemented, continuously measured and optimized, Public Relations (PR) is an extremely credible and high performance communication method to influence buyers and inform constituents. Good PR is believable as information is presented by recognized third party media who seek important news and events to report.

Together with public relations partners and professionals, Vantive offers complimentary marketing programs that can be closely integrated with PR services, including the following:

  • Media Relations. Vantive partners with PR professionals in the development of media relations plans and achieving media visibility in trade journals and industry publications which support top-of-mind positioning among prospects, customers, alliance partners and influencers. Journalists at industry publications, television and radio, and increasingly new media news outlets, cover specific technology beats in order to uncover, and cover, the stories most desired by their readers. PR professionals manage editorial calendars in order to reach out to the right media writers and editors with the right message at the right time. Our integrated marketing expertise delivers an amplification effect when presenting the stories to the most respected media players in a way that piques their interests. The right media relations plan will consist of an optimal mix of supporting marketing strategies, including launch events, vision tours, speaking circuits, bylined articles or active positioning of company management as thought leaders for highly sought after commentary and content inclusion. Securing an interview and subsequent story placement with a syndicated reporter is a cost-effective way to have your story splashed across a wide variety of media outlets. Successful media relations plans deliver media coverage that is more pervasive, persuasive, cost effective and far more credible than outright advertising.

  • Influencer Relations. With over 20 years of technology analyst and influencer relationships and a rolodex that is second to none, Vantive can make the introductions and proactively manage the right information exchange to get your company acknowledged, appreciated and endorsed by market leading analyst and influencer firms. Vantive has earned an enviable position in presenting our clients's credentials and value propositions with great success. We take pride in being expert in our clients' businesses and acting as an extension of our client's to the influencer segments.

  • Brand Building. Creating brand positioning that delivers on the core benefit for the customer while building differentiation against key competitors in essential in attracting buyer interest. While brand recognition, methods and best practices are abundant in the retail and CPG (consumer packaged goods) industries, brand building initiatives specifically relevant to the technology industry remain scarce. Vantive Media recognizes the brand building differences between CPG and technology and has been instrumental in supporting cost effective brand strategies with direct marketing programs that deliver effective messaging, market awareness, buyer confidence and strong competitive differentiation.

  • Original Research. Vantive performs, publishes and syndicates original research within the business software industries (i.e. CRM software, ERP software, HR and Accounting software), open source software industry, information security market and new technology markets such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud computing, social media and green IT. Our research experience and capabilities put our staff in the enviable position to perform market intelligence, customer research and focus group sessions for our clients. Whether testing new business concepts, honing competitive advantages or verifying product launch ideas, performing market and customer research reduces the risk of unsuccessful go to market initiatives and accelerates promotional investment ROI.

  • Media Coaching. Successful spokespersons and public speakers are performers capable of delivering pointed messages, convincing arguments, effective responses, clever comebacks and artful deflection. However, while they make it seem near effortless, their messages are honed and practiced for the most effective delivery. Vantive supplements company spokesperson delivery with media and marketing promotions that echo and reinforce key messages. Supplementing spokesperson communications with new research, quotes and sound bites gives key messages staying power with journalists and media.

  • Award Marketing. An often overlooked publicity vehicle is corporate awards or business awards marketing. Winning industry and product award competitions delivers a powerful and enduring testament to business executives, IT decision makers, media publishers and even recruiting candidates -- as long as those awards are communicated to the target market.

  • Crisis Management. Crisis preparedness mitigates business risk with systemic response when the unexpected occurs. Crisis interventions may stem or be fueled from vindictive customers, disgruntled employees or competitors and occur for a myriad of reasons, such as an M&A rumor, executive turnover, alleged fraud, product failure, security breach, intellectual property theft or purported unethical behaviors. Being prepared for any eventuality with a PR spokesman and integrated marketing and media response can be essential to setting the stage and preventing journalistic sensationalism, media escalation, business interruption, damage to brand and reputation, and out of pocket expense.

  • Tactical Promotions. Press releases, newsletters, product promotions, nurture marketing campaigns and other outbound communications contribute to brand building, maintaining mind share and keeping in front of IT buyers and customers.

Vantive Media has expertise in marketing competitive advantages, value propositions and brand messaging that resonates with the people who matter, including prospects, customers, alliance partners and industry influencers. With highly precise delivery adjusted for each type of audience, we engage your industry's most sought after constituents and influencers by demonstrating clear and corresponding value between your company's contributions and your readers interests.


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