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The professional services industry has evolved from the rise and fall of the Big 6 consulting organizations, to the shakeout of the unsupportable business models left in the wake of the dot com era, to the public offerings for Accenture, Cap Gemini and Bearing Point, to industry consolidation with companies such as PWC and Cambridge Technology Partners. With providers such as Bearing Point and Satyam being on the brink of collapse and the boutique and niche firms receiving renewed interest, the professional services market is poised for continued change.

Information technology professional services firms are responding to an increasingly sophisticated and competitive global market and witnessing new shifts in procurement methods and strategies. Executive decision makers continue to impose cost pressures while at the same time demanding greater business value in the forms of the decreased risk and increased tangible value. SaaS solutions blur the lines between software and service and are often positioned as a remedy to high-priced integration services and over-budget software upgrade projects.

Enterprise software vendors continue to consolidate and in their quest for continued revenue growth often challenge service providers for services related or unrelated to their commercial software. Historical services growth strategies such as growing and going it alone become less viable going forward.

These waves of change coupled with new technology introductions such as open source software solutions, offshore outsourcing, managed service providers (MSPs), cloud computing and the rise of Software as a Service (SaaS) are evolving the sector rapidly and resulting in increased demand for specialized skills, longer sales cycle durations and more competitive selling.

Both middle market and large global customers are increasing their procurements toward mixed best-of-breed vendor solutions and multisourcing options. In parallel, the large system integrators, value added resellers (VARs) and IT consultancies are themselves becoming multisource players through new alliances which create ecosystems of partnerships where they will alternately compete and cooperate to collectively win more contracts.

Vantive's Professional Services sector team are themselves former professional services practitioners from the Big 4, Accenture and various national and global system integrators. This history and insight helps produce more powerful media for our readers and better aids services companies in developing growth strategies, establishing high impact messaging, promoting unique competitive advantages and improving demand generation techniques. Our understanding of the unique nature of buyer decision making criteria and the services influencer communities, with relationships from traditional analysts to other media firms, helps put our clients at the top of prospect short lists.

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