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Information Security Media Market Coverage

Information security is no longer just an information technology (IT) responsibility. Security and privacy are now critical business issues with board room visibility and corporate reputation altering liability. The seriousness, risk and constantly evolving threats converge to provide information security media and solutions providers a constituency hungry for up to date information and credible partners.

Vantive Media staff have deep roots in information security strategies, trends, tools and techniques. Our staffs experience in drafting information security plans, developing vulnerability assessments, performing penetration tests, leading Information Security professional associations and achieving ISO 27001 and NIST C&A (Certifications and Accreditations) attestations provide our readers and our clients insight from professionals with extensive industry knowledge.

Our Information Security media engages CIOs, CISAs, InfoSec Directors, IT managers, Network Administrators and line-of-business executives that are involved to achieving enterprise-wide confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. Our security media is strategy driven and data rich, however, provides coverage depth in many of leading categories for which readers seek information, analysis and balanced opinion. Editorial content covers several interrelated topics, including the following:

  • Security strategies, risk analysis, tactics and trends
  • Third party research, best practices, industry benchmarks and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Staffing, certifications and continuing education
  • New security techniques and technologies
  • New and improved security tools
  • Malware, antivirus, bots, disruption of service (DDOS) and similar threats and counter-measures
  • Parameter defenses including authentication, encryption, DPI firewalls and honeypots
  • Intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, forensics,
  • Response plans and systems, including early warning systems, incident response systems and chain of custody controls
  • Audits, independent assessments, peer reviews, vulnerability assessments and controlled penetration tests
  • Information Security Managed Services Providers (MSPs)
  • Regulatory compliance, including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), SAS70, NIST C&A and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Our media content is a balanced blend of technical matter positioned for technology decision makers and non-technical readers. Our media delivery offers the insight to maintain a strong following and offer the connections to drive the industry agenda in our clients' direction.

Vantive Media Information Security Market Coverage


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