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Digital Media Publication

Vantive is the best in the world at producing digital media to educate business readers. Our professional services include editorial article, blog, book and review publishing as well as publishing digital video, audio and multimedia content for our networks and our customers.

Vantive Media’s extended demand generation platform consists of busienss partners with top web site brands, original research, licensed third party research, decision matrix models and a network of social media tools and community forums that collectively promote Vantive content.

Our lead generation competitive advantages include:

  • Our content acquires search engine organic leads; not just lesser qualified leads from PPC adwords.

  • Vantive lead recipients receive meaningful original research or licensed third party research as part of their registration. Delivering quality content enhances the visitor relationship and transcends the benefits to the business software suppliers which we forward the leads.

  • Our trained analysts qualify, engage and educate business software buyers and then seamlessly connect qualified buyers to our supplier customer community.

  • We offer flexible programs to customize lead generation based on each customers resources, business processes and objectives.

  • Our business partner network of over 100 highly relevant technology web site destinations is unmatched.

Vantive turns the all too common model of delivering higher volumes of lower quality prospect leads on its head. By delivering highly qualified leads, our customers’ sales resources are more efficient, lead conversion is increased, prospects advance through the pipeline more quickly, time-to-revenue is minimized and ROI is maximized.

The Most Direct Route From Searches To Solutions

Vantive pay per lead programs deliver qualified sales prospects to high fit software suppliers. Vantive leverages its demand generation platform, partner web sites portfolio, original market research, licensed third party research, suite of proprietary tools, buyer focused decision matrix models and an integrated network of social media destinations and community forums to collectively promote Vantive content, educate buyers and connect business software buyers with relevant suppliers.

The Most Direct Route From Searches to Solutions and Clicks to Customers


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