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Social media marketing approaches recognize that company and product perceptions are now transformed and influenced by ecosystems of self appointed participants who no longer need to rely on traditional media to have their voices heard. Ignoring this community does not make it go away. Further transforming these participants into passionate advocates offers a new low investment leverage that provides sustainable benefits.

Social Media Marketing For Technology Suppliers

Social media has become the highest growth media source for hardware and software technology buyers. IT buyers look to and trust their peers for first hand evaluations, experiences, opinions and recommendations.

With some of the best technology brands and properties on the Web, Vantive is an experienced partner in creating and promoting blended social media strategies and campaigns that achieve forecasted results. The most effective social media campaigns use a carefully crafted mix of Web 2.0 tools which generally include proprietary blogs, engagement of the wider blogosphere, wikis, twitter, YouTube and social media networks such as FaceBook, LinkedIn or specialized industry forums.

Vantive goes beyond the generic social media portfolio in order to engage our clients' targeted IT buyers with specific informational resources on topics such as the following.

  • Social CRM. Sometimes referred to as CRM 2.0, social CRM was created as an industry specific derivative of the Web 2.0 movement. Social CRM is an obvious compliment to Customer Relationship Management strategies and software systems. However, as most CRM software suppliers have proven, the promotional effects and integration of CRM applications and CRM 2.0 is far from straight forward. Social CRM requires a new thinking and acknowledgement that the customer relationship with a new trend of social customers has shifted from the supplier managing the relationship with unilateral vendor-to-customer product or service directed messaging to one where the customer is a more vocal participant, part of an influential virtual community and more insistent to be recognized as part of the company's solutions and product evolution. Uneducated IT suppliers sometimes become unnecessarily concerned or cautious with the new expectations of the social customer. Instead, when combined with the type of messaging, promotions and customer reach-out programs that this movement accepts and appreciates, IT suppliers can gain increased visibility across a group of passionate prospects and increase sales leads and customer acquisitions.

  • Enterprise 2.0. This social media outlet converges software technology, information systems and social venues within and outside the corporate entity. Enterprise 2.0 demand generation strategies offer synergistic value when promoting traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, accounting software systems or various other types of back office applications.

  • Web 2.0. This social media strategy transcended the Internet to a collaboration platform. Using suites of Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, social networks, mashups, tagging and folksonomies, interested parties evolve from passive readers to active participants which strongly influence IT supplier brand, recognition and reputation. Implementing demand generation strategies which leverage and capitalize this online revolution can harness the benefits of user generated content along with the positive power of this disruptive change.

Social media channels provide the venue to directly engage IT buyers, prospects and customers. Business executives and IT decision makers expect far greater participation with their favorite brands and companies. They also want news and information when they want it and how they want it, and are increasingly skeptical and distrusting of those in positions of authority. They cherry-pick who and what they believe, and with unprecedented access to information will create their own webs of trust. Business and IT practitioners at all levels are increasingly active and demand a more transparent relationship with their IT partners. The traditional vendor model of top-down, one way communication flow, where the bulk of marketing budget is spent on advertising which talks at faceless people is simply no longer cost effective.

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Vantive Media has extensive social media experience and long-standing business relationships with many key influencers in the blogosphere and social Web. Social media is alive and growing at an accelerated rate in the Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Resource and open source software communities. Marketing strategies which ignore social media pass on one of the most cost effective and engaging customer acquisition opportunities available. Thoughtful social media strategies based on both data driven facts and the culture of this ground swell movement should be a part of any technology suppliers demand generation strategy and platform.


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