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Vantive Media created the
7 Steps to Thought Leadership Research Advisory designed specifically for technology industry professionals. Contact Vantive Media for this free advisory.


Thought Leadership Promotion Programs

Marketers clearly understand the competitive advantages derived from thought leadership programs. However, dedicating the time and talent to create and promote thought leadership content on a continuous basis is much easier said than done.

That's where Vantive Media can help.

  • Our research can flush out, solidify and fine tune the issues most important to your business software target market for thought leader positioning.

  • Vantive Media analysts can collaborate with your thought leader(s) to hone and fine tune original and thought provoking ideas. We can help frame the messaging within the context of the business software issues facing your prospects and customers.

  • Our editors and award winning journalists can help with your thought leaders weekly blog posts – either as guest authors or with ghost writing services.

  • Our writers can help your thought leader with software anchor documents – those framework, manifesto or white paper documents which illustrate the business case and strength of your thought leaders thought.

  • We can facilitate discussions with other related thought leaders throughout our network and beyond in order to share ideas, show a synergy and achieve cross promotional benefits.

  • We can help promote the thought leader with interviews published across our partner media network.

  • We can help evangelize the thought leader and his ideas.

The power of thought leadership lies in the engagement and reaction of target audiences. Participants view thought leaders as innovative, refreshing and filling a void in their lives in a way nobody else does. They respect and reward thought leaders with their praise, referrals, loyalty and purchase power.

Marketers often face the dual challenges of producing the volume of high quality content needed to support thought leadership programs and getting it distributed to highly relevant locations where customers congregate. We can help.



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